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Psychological Services

We offer a variety of comprehensive evidence-based psychological services.
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Individual Therapy

A licensed therapist is here to create a safe, inviting space for you to access support and work toward your individualized goals. Whether you have past therapy experience or not, we are prepared to help you from any starting point.

Psychologist Session

Parent-Child Relationship Therapy

Looking to better understand your child's emotions and behaviors, learn about children's developmental needs, work through a challenge, or access therapeutic support? No matter what you and your family are coping with we can connect you with a friendly professional who will help you take the next step toward growth and healing.

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Adolescent Therapy

Being a teenager is a full time, demanding job. It is important that throughout this pivotal time of growth, change, and identity development, that teens have a reliable, safe space to work through their problems. Our professionals are here to make them feel heard, seen, and help in any way we can.

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Child Therapy

As parents, we know you are the expert on your child. Our therapists are here to hear your concerns and make a plan to fit the specific needs of your child. We also offer Parent Training services to those who are interested or as a part of your child's treatment plan. Reach out to us to see how we can help your child today!

Child and Therapist
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