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My name is Taylor Nezich and I am a Limited License Psychologist (LLP) currently practicing in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Pronouns: She/They). I have the great honor of serving this wonderful community by providing mental health care services and owning Mindful Moment Psychological Services and Behavioral Health. My vision for Mindful Moment is to create a safe, inclusive, and compassionate space for people from all walks of life to engage with their healing journey. 

Even when I was a small child, I can recall having this great urge to help others in a meaningful way; to 

elicit change and support those around me. My hope is that Mindful Moment be a stepping stone on your journey. Whether it be a place to rest in the company of a safe professional, to face your challenges head on, to meet goals, or anywhere in between. Here, you will find someone who will listen, care, and actively take steps to help.

Supervisor: Dr. Marya McCarroll, PhD

A LLP may practice under the supervision of a LP (Licensed Psychologist).

About the Founder: About Me
About the Founder: About Me
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