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Mindful Moment of the Month

April 2024

Our Mindful Moment of the Month is in support of Earth Day!

Research supports that it is not how much time we spend in nature, but how connected we feel to nature that can significantly improve our mental well-being. Even simple engagement with nature (e.g. smelling wildflowers) can increase our connectivity, therefore increasing feelings of happiness and fulfillment (Richardson et al., 2021).

This Earth Day, we encourage you to engage with the outdoors during the month of April in any way you can! 

Need some ideas? Click the buttons below for more information about Earth Day or to explore different ways to engage with nature:

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Interested in our Mindful Moment of the Month page? Contact us today to share your mindful moment to have a chance to share it with your community on our site!

Please note: all submissions must be approved by Mindful Moment Psychological Services and Behavioral Health, therefore, request of submission does not necessitate placement on this page. --Thank you!

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